Forty Lashes

Submitted by patentadmin on Thu, 12/08/2011 - 14:25

Normally this blog isn't known for keeping up with any of the (many, and seemingly interchangeable) Kardashians, but we couldn't pass this one up: A resident of Beverly Hills has filed for a trademark on the name "KardashianLash," and the Kardashian clan is not amused.

Sarah Ehrlich applied for the trademark for use with a "medicated liquid eyeliner for the purpose of enabling eyelash growth." She plans to use the proceeds from the sales of this product to send Honduran orphans to cosmetology school.

Perhaps the humanitarian angle of the venture was meant to soften the Kardashians' ire at the unauthorized use of their name. Ehrlich apparently didn't approach even one member of the large and lushly-lashed family, but told the celebrity gossip website that she didn't think they would mind.

Well, think again. The Kardashians are threatening a trademark infringement lawsuit. On the bright side (for the Kardashians anyway), this trademark tussle could at least provide them with fodder for their reality show.

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