Criteria for Proposals

Is your intellectual property infringed?

If you believe that your patent, copyright, trade secret, or trademark has been infringed, and you would like GPC to consider enforcing it, you’ll need to send us certain information.

The following links will take you to lists of those materials you will need to send depending on which type of intellectual property you wish to have enforced:

Submission materials: Patents
Submission materials: Copyrights
Submission materials: Trademarks
Submission materials: Trade Secrets

We realize that you may not have all of the listed materials, but please send as many of them as possible. The more information you send, the better and more quickly we can evaluate your case.

Also note that if you have any other materials that you believe might be helpful to our evaluation, please feel free to include them in your submission package. However, please do not include copies of any pending U.S. patent applications or any other information that is confidential.

Our preliminary evaluation will determine whether the enforcement of your intellectual property would be an appropriate undertaking for us. While the evaluation period may vary, you can normally expect our response within thirty (30) days after sufficient information has been received. Should we decide that we are not interested in undertaking the matter, we will advise you and return the materials.

Thank you for your submission.