IP Valuation

IP - What is it worth?

Accurate and effective valuation is a vital aspect of good IP management. Many situations require IP and patent valuation for an organization to make the most of the opportunities that confront them. GPC's valuation services can assist IP organizations in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, corporate reorganizations, public and private equity financings, securitization with IP assets pledged as collateral, and capital restructurings.

Also, corporate officers are required to properly value IP assets and communicate this valuation to shareholders. This should be one of the first steps in determining the true value of the shareholder's stock.

GPC can also help your company determine the true worth of its IP portfolio through an IP Audit or IP Mining.

Intellectual Property Audit: Balancing the books with IP

An intellectual property or patent portfolio audit will identify core, non-core and obsolete technologies. We will advise and work with you on protecting and enforcing core assets, leveraging non-core assets through patent licensing, joint ventures and strategic alliances, and abandoning useless and obsolete patents.

It is important to audit Intellectual Property holdings to determine their scope, status, and value. The goal is to:

» Identify ownership interests;

» Secure and record rights in technology and other intellectual assets; and

» Minimize the chance of unauthorized use and disclosure of technology, know-how, trademarks, and confidential information.

Intellectual Property Mining: Dig deeper into your IP potential

You'll be astonished at how much you can improve your bottom line and maximize shareholder value just by assessing and properly managing your intellectual property. Fifteen years ago, U.S. corporate income from patent licensing was just $15 billion - today it exceeds $100 billion. Wouldn't you like to be among those mining some of that gold?

Whatever your budget is, General Patent Corporation will help you to uncover those golden nuggets that may be buried deep inside your portfolio.

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