IP Management

"Nearly 40% of the market valuation of the average company is missing from its balance sheet"
- Professor Baruch Lev, Stern School of Business, New York University

The best way for a company to maximize the value of its Intellectual Property is to use a patent portfolio management technique that will allow systematic analysis to extract the hidden value from intangible assets.

Communicating the value of IP

Standardized accounting techniques do not allow adequate reflection of IP assets on the balance sheet.

The result: IP is often a company's most undervalued business asset.

The value of a company is no longer a function of the quantity of its bricks and mortar. Communicating fair value of IP to investors, analysts, shareholders and potential corporate suitors is crucial for the realization of a company's potential.

General Patent Corporation uses recognized, established quantitative means to assess a patent portfolio. We work with public or private companies, venture capital firms, investment bankers and financial analysts to assure that IP is properly valued and adequately reflected in a company's market valuation. For companies seeking public financing or venture capital, we provide IP appraisals that help a company realize its full value.