IP Portfolio Mining

Intellectual Property Portfolio Mining

Dig deeper into your IP potential

You'll be astonished at how much you can improve your bottom line and maximize shareholder value just by assessing and properly managing your intellectual property. Fifteen years ago, U.S. corporate income from patent licensing was just $15 billion - today it exceeds $100 billion. Wouldn't you like to be among those mining some of that gold?

Whatever your budget is, General Patent Corporation will help you to uncover those golden nuggets that may be buried deep inside your portfolio.

Patent portfolio mining is useful when focused and coupled with effective marketing methods to extract value from the portfolio. The process of portfolio mining begins with a review of the portfolio's patents to assess their strengths and fields of use; the technology involved; and their potential commercial uses.

A general mining program includes a search for:

» New applications of the technology (not just the patents)
» New markets for the technology
» Extensions of the technology
» Infringement candidates
» Hot technology and/or divisions for spin-outs and joint ventures

Our comprehensive mining approach helps to prioritize the portfolio, arranging patents according to potential value, categorizing the patents according to their technology, and setting a timeline for licensing programs on each patent.

Is it time you took a fresh look at your patent portfolio? Contact us for more information on our IP mining services.