That's It, Go to Your Rooms!

Submitted by patentadmin on Mon, 05/14/2012 - 15:52

As the bickering continues between Apple and Samsung in their supersized patent, trademark and trade dress litigation, so does Judge Lucy Koh's chastisement of both parties.

Despite both parties' scaling down their lawsuits considerably as per the judge's request, Judge Koh said on Thursday, May 10, that the lawsuits should be narrowed even more.

And in related news, it has come to light that Apple accused Samsung of destroying and withholding evidence by doing away with documents that were relevant to the trial and which Samsung was thus legally obligated to preserve, known in legalese as "spoliation of evidence." (Side note: We can't help but smile at the "artist's rendering" of Samsung in the above-linked Mac Observer article. Nyah nyah!)

Apple noted that this type of behavior is not new to this case, and that Samsung's policy of automatically deleting emails every two weeks without regard to ongoing legal disputes was sanctioned in another case involving Mosaid Technologies.

Despite all of the above, the settlement conference between Apple and Samsung scheduled for the end of this month is apparently still on.

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