The Canadian Press - "BlackBerry maker could be on its own or part of group for bid on Nortel patents"

Richard Ehrlickman, GPC's Vice President of Intellectual Property and Licensing and President and founder of IPOfferings (GPC's patent brokerage), was interviewed about the developing bidding war over the Nortel patent portfolio (BlackBerry maker could be on its own or part of group for bid on Nortel patents, The Canadian Press, May 9, 2011).

The article, which ran in dozens of outlets (including Yahoo! News, MSN, Metro News, Canadian Business, The Brandon Sun, TMC Net, and the Winnipeg Free Press, among others) speculated on which company or group of companies would bid the highest amount for Nortel's remaining wireless patents.

Ehrlickman offered his opinion that it would be very likely that the patent-buying firm RPX Corp. will lead a consortium "that includes RIM and other telecommunication and Internet companies as members" to bid against Google Inc., which has already made an offer of US$900 million for the patent portfolio.

In the article, Ehrlickman said the ultimate value of the Nortel patents will be "in the eye of the beholder."

"When a company acquires such a large portfolio like Nortel," he says, "they're doing everything to protect their products in the market with patents."

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