E-Commerce Times - "Apple Lengthens Laundry List of Patent Complaints Against Samsung"

GPC's Alex Poltorak was interviewed regarding the current lawsuit between Apple and Samsung ("Apple Lengthens Laundry List of Patent Complaints Against Samsung", MacNewsWorld/E-Commerce Times, June 20, 2011).

Although the two sides appear close to a settlement, Apple has added a number of Samsung products to its complaint that weren't originally mentioned. In the following excerpt, Dr. Poltorak predicts the likely outcome of the Apple-Samsung case.

Article excerpt:

The stakes are too high for either side to allow the case to actually go to court, Alexander Poltorak, CEO of General Patent Corporation, told MacNewsWorld.

The companies' settlement will involve a cross-license and, possibly, a payment to compensate for imbalances in their respective IP portfolios, predicted Poltorak. "If the recent settlement between Apple and Nokia (NYSE: NOK) is any indicator, we can expect the case between Apple and Samsung to be settled soon as well."