Interview with New York's Bloomberg Radio

Alexander Poltorak was interviewed by New York's Bloomberg Radio, Sept. 5, 2007.

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Bloomberg Radio: Microsoft's success in reversing a more than a one and a half billion dollar trial loss, was the latest in a series of court victories that may undermine its chances for broad changes in US patent law this year. Bloomberg's June Grasso has more.

Opponents of changing the patent law cite the victory by the world's largest software maker and a win by Seagate Technology, the largest maker of hard disk drives, as proof the law isn't as out of whack as the computer industry claims.

Alexander Poltorak is the Chairman and CEO of General Patent Corporation, a patent licensing company.

Alexander Poltorak: As a matter of fact, recent cases all have been in the same direction of diminishing patent rights. Six decisions by the Supreme Court in the last two terms all essentially directed on minimizing the rights of patent owners.

Some of the decisions actually put the whole concept of patents in limbo.

Bloomberg Radio: Debate in the House of Representatives on a sweeping patent proposal is set for this Friday. June Grasso, Bloomberg Radio.