Law360 - "Apple Likely To Win Samsung Ban, But Devil's In The Details"

Apple won its patent lawsuit against Samsung, but will Apple get the permanent injunction it seeks? And if so, how extensive is the ban on Samsung's products likely to be? GPC's Alexander Poltorak offers his prediction. ("Apple Likely To Win Samsung Ban, But Devil's In The Details" - September 24, 2012 - subscription required)

Article excerpt: Some experts said the judge may err on the side of simplicity in the injunction. Alexander Poltorak, CEO of the patent licensing and enforcement firm General Patent Corp., said he "really sees no reason for Apple not to get an injunction," but believes it will likely be limited to the specific products found to infringe.

Most of those products are older models that are no longer sold, and while Apple no doubt wants to block sales of newer Samsung models, like the flagship Galaxy S III, it will likely have to settle for including those products in its next patent suit against Samsung, he said. That case, filed earlier this year over different patents, is slated to go to trial in 2014.

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