MIT Technology Review - "Nokia's Mobile Patents Are Its Last Line of Defense"

GPC's Alexander Poltorak was quoted in an article about how Nokia might use its patent portfolio to stay afloat. ("Nokia's Mobile Patents Are Its Last Line of Defense" Technology Review - June 20, 2012)

Article excerpt: Whether it comes through licensing, sale, or litigation, patent-related cash flow could be vital if Nokia isn't to follow Nortel to bankruptcy court, says Alexander Poltorak, chief executive of a patent consultancy called General Patent [Corporation] in Suffern, New York.

"Nokia will be very mindful of Nortel's experience, and I think they are going to do everything they can to monetize their patents," Poltorak says. "They are well aware of the value of their patents, so they are going to accelerate their patent enforcement programs and sell some of their portfolio to raise cash. I am optimistic that is going to work, because Nokia is a very patent-savvy company."

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