- "Intel's InterDigital Deal Raises Patent Value Questions"

InterDigital just sold 1,700 patents and patent applications to Intel in one of the latest big patent sales. Alexander Poltorak was interviewed for an article about what these patent sales mean for the tech giants that turn to patent sales to stay solvent. ("Intel's InterDigital Deal Raises Patent Value Questions" - June 18, 2012)

Article excerpt: Earlier in June, Kodak said it has signed confidentiality agreements with 20 parties on the sale of its 1,100 patent strong portfolio of intellectual property related to digital photos and imaging services. The company also said it has generated over $3 billion from licensing digital imaging patents from smartphone makers like Samsung, LG and Motorola Mobility. Separately, Kodak is also litigating patents with Apple (AAPl), HTC and Research In Motion.

Kodak's efforts, taken with InterDigital's Monday deal have a broader relevance for IP rich but strategically slumping tech giants. "Investors can and should read from the success of [Kodak's auction] that companies with strong patent portfolios can monetize their IP assets to augment their revenues from their core business lines," says Alexander Poltorak, the chief executive of General Patent Corporation, who expects the looming auction to be a success.

"Even if some of these companies fall short of a resounding success in the market, technology trailblazers, such as Nokia, Research In Motion or AOL will ultimately be rewarded for their innovation through monetization of their patents, which result from their R&D activities."