Tom's Hardware - "RIM Loses Patent Dispute With Nokia, Must Pay Royalties"

When RIM and Nokia's licensing discussions failed to bear fruit because RIM claimed an earlier license covered Nokia's WiFi patent, a judge in Sweden ruled that RIM must pay Nokia royalties and damages - and the ruling can't be appealed. GPC's Alexander Poltorak comments on what the ruling means for U.S. consumers in an article on the Tom's Hardware tech news website. ("RIM Loses Patent Dispute With Nokia, Must Pay Royalties" Tom's Hardware - November 29, 2012)

Article excerpt: BlackBerry's creator had previously argued that an earlier licensing deal should cover the Wi-Fi patent, with the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, who is mediating the discussions, disagreeing with that notion.

"The arbitration decision is not appealable and the U.S. Court can be expected to enforce the judgment by issuing an injunction against RIM, which would effectively put RIM out of business," added Alexander Poltorak, chief executive of patent consultancy General Patent Corp.

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