The Wall Street Journal - "Apple Ruling Hits Android"

The ITC's ruling on the Apple/HTC patent litigation narrowed an earlier ruling, finding that some HTC smartphones using Android infringed only two claims of one Apple patent rather than multiple claims of two separate patents. However, Alexander Poltorak explains that this is still not good news for HTC. ("Apple Ruling Hits Android", The Wall Street Journal, December 20, 2011)

Article excerpt:Despite the narrowing of the patent claims, some experts said the ITC decision was an important victory for Apple.

Alexander Poltorak, chairman and CEO of Suffern, N.Y.-based General Patent Corp., which advises companies on their patent strategies, says the decision "validates that the Android operating system has implemented a number of inventions from Apple." He predicted that the decision would "go a long way" in convincing HTC to consider a global patent settlement with Apple.