Wall Street Journal - "Ericsson Files Patent Claim Against Samsung"

Ericsson filed suit against Samsung for infringing some of its patents on mobile technology after the companies failed to come to an agreement on renewing an existing patent license that covered hundreds of Ericsson patents. Samsung claims that Ericsson unfairly raised the royalty rates on the patents they'd already licensed. GPC's Alexander Poltorak speculated on the effect this newest lawsuit would have on Samsung's ongoing, epic patent litigation with Apple. ("Ericsson Files Patent Claim Against Samsung" Wall Street Journal - November 27, 2012)

Article excerpt: This latest lawsuit is significant given the continuing patent spat between Samsung and Apple, said Alexander Poltorak, chief executive of U.S.-based General Patent Corp., a company that represents clients on patent enforcement and licensing.

"Companies can only fight so many patent wars at the same time. I think it will become increasingly difficult for Samsung to battle Apple on one hand and Ericsson on the other hand," Mr. Poltorak said. "The more litigation Samsung is involved in, the more pressure it will face to settle either one of these disputes outside court. Handling this type of litigation is a hassle and takes a lot of management attention." General Patent is unconnected with either side in this dispute.

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