The Wall Street Journal - "Kodak Auction: No Copy of Nortel's"

Eastman Kodak Co.'s planned patent sale is fueling speculation that the company is trying to emulate the success of the Nortel Networks patent auction this past July, when a consortium of bidders bought the Nortel portfolio for $4.5 billion.

However, GPC's Alexander Poltorak and other IP experts are skeptical, because the two scenarios have some major differences ("Kodak Auction: No Copy of Nortel's", September 7, 2011 - subscription required).

Article excerpt:

The Nortel and Motorola deals reflect the scramble by companies involved in mobile technology to get hold of essential patents for strategic and defensive purposes, said Alex Poltorak, CEO of General Patent Corp., an intellectual property and patent enforcement firm. While Kodak's patents are relevant in mobile, "they're only tangential," he said.

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