The Washington Post - "Facebook in a tough position, experts say"

Yahoo's filing of a patent lawsuit against Facebook just as the social networking giant prepares for its IPO has created plenty of buzz in the IP community. GPC's Alexander Poltorak speculated about Yahoo's goals and Facebook's probable strategy for fighting the lawsuit. (Facebook in a tough position, experts say, The Washington Post, March 13, 2012)

Article excerpt: ...Alexander Poltorak of General Patent Corporation said that Facebook is likely to focus its defense on saying that Yahoo’s patents are invalid.

But while Yahoo has some fairly broad patents in the asserted portfolio, Poltorak said...that the company has a shot at winning this lawsuit.

“Of course, the goal is likely not to take this case to trial but to settle licensing these patents to Facebook for a substantial payment,” Poltorak said. “Facebook is preparing for an IPO, and this lawsuit creates an unwelcome uncertainty. Facebook will likely want to settle this as quickly as possible.”

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