ZDNet.com - "Who could -- and probably should -- buy RIM?"

Things aren't looking good for Research in Motion, the BlackBerry maker whose glory days seem to be firmly situated in the past. Alexander Poltorak was among the IP experts interviewed for an article speculating on RIM's options for saving itself - such as possible patent sales to Facebook or Google. ("Who could - and probably should - buy RIM?" ZDNet.com - June 29, 2012)

Article excerpt:
General Patent Corp. chief executive Alexander Poltorak told ZDNet: "Facebook seems a possible buyer of RIM's patents. They have money, they need more patents and they are in the market looking for patents to buy."

...With Android, like Apple, Google doesn't need another operating system. It also doesn't need a data network because it has secure email provider Postini hooked into Google Apps to provide much of the same function as the RIM network.

What Google really wants is RIM's patent portfolio. "RIM would be a patent play for Google," TD Securities analysts said.

General Patent's Poltorak said: "Google would be a logical candidate since they had bid for this patents last summer at the Nortel auction and lost. However, Google's main purpose in buying up patents is to wield them at Apple, but Apple is already licensed under these patents so no one can assert them against Apple."

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