Moen Technologies LLC Retains General Patent Corporation to Manage its Intellectual Property Portfolio

SUFFERN, NY, January 2001 — General Patent Corporation (GPC), an Intellectual Property (IP) management firm headquartered in Suffern, New York, has been retained by Moen Technologies LLC (Moen) as its exclusive IP management agent.

Moen Technologies LLC is a portfolio company of IP Holdings LLC, an affiliate of General Patent Corporation. It was recently established to exploit three patents related to debit-platform telecommunications. Limited access telecommunications, as thought in the Moen patents, is broadly used in promotional prepaid phone cards and in credit card phone activation.

“We have retained GPC to manage our IP portfolio because of GPC’s well-known success in licensing and enforcing other electronics and telecommunications patents,” said Arthur J. (Skip) Moen, a Moen Technologies co-founder and one of the inventors of the technology. “We are confident that GPC will succeed in enforcing our patents, which are infringed by many domestic and international companies involved in prepaid phone cards and credit card phone activiation.”

“GPC intends to offer the Moen patents for a non-exclusive license on very attractive terms” said Alexander Poltorak, the Chairman and CEO of GPC. “At the same time, if necessary, GPC will vigorously enforce the patent rights of our client.”

General Patent Corporation is a leading, international IP management firm. GPC provides IP analysis and strategy to domestic and foreign businesses, universities, research institutions and inventors. Client services include patent licensing and enforcement, IP portfolio audit and valuation, IP portfolio management, and technology transfer.

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