"Pulse of the IP Industry" Survey Conducted by General Patent Corporation Shows Wide Disapproval of Key Elements in the "America Invents Act"

IP Community Sees Legislation as a Job Killer

Suffern, N.Y., September 8, 2011 − A significant majority of the innovators, entrepreneurs and patent professionals who participated in the "Pulse of the IP Industry" Survey view key elements of the "America Invents Act" (H.R. 1249) unfavorably. A large majority is OPPOSED to the change to a "First-to-File" system, over two-thirds of respondents believe the law will NOT create more jobs, and over three-quarters are NOT inclined to hire new employees as a result of the Act.

The survey was conducted by General Patent Corporation (GPC), a leading patent licensing and enforcement firm, in conjunction with American Innovators for Patent Reform (AIPR), an industry group that advocates for stronger U.S. patent laws.

The complete results of the survey will be published in the September issue of General Patent Corporation's Wealth of Ideas newsletter. Here are some highlights of the survey:

  • 57.9% of respondents view the change to a First-to-File patent system unfavorably.
  • 68.8% of respondents do not believe the Act will create more jobs.
  • 77.4% are not more inclined to hire as a result of the Act.
  • 43.9% actually think the Act will negatively impact their businesses. The only professionals surveyed who said they expect the new law to positively improve their business are IP attorneys in private practice (25.5% of this group).
  • 69.0% do not see the "America Invents Act" as providing greater IP protection.
  • 61.6% believe that the Act will actually increase the cost of securing a patent.
  • A total of 165 inventors, business executives and IP professionals participated in the survey.

"Although this is a limited and not a scientific survey, it does tell a story," observes Alexander Poltorak, founder and CEO of General Patent Corporation. "Most inventors and patent practitioners are opposed to the 'America Invents Act'. It is widely viewed as anti-innovation legislation and a job killer."

About American Innovators for Patent Reform

American Innovators for Patent Reform (AIPR) represents a broad constituency of American innovators and innovation stakeholders, including inventors, engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs, patent owners, investors, small businesses, and intellectual property professionals such as patent attorneys, technology transfer managers and licensing executives.

AIPR opposes any patent legislation that weakens the U.S. patent system, which is a driving force behind American innovation. AIPR advocates a multi-tier patent system, automation of the patent application process, and synchronization of patent and copyright laws. For more information about AIPR, please visit www.aminn.org.