Submission materials: Trade Secrets

Has your trade secret been infringed?
Need help enforcing it?

If you'd like us to evaluate your trade secret infringement claim, your trade secret enforcement submission should include:

1) A phone number where you can be reached between the hours of 9AM-6PM EST.

2) A broad description of your trade secret.

3) A description of the infringement, along with information about the infringing company and sales volume (if known).

4) The circumstances under which the alleged infringer came to possess the trade secret. For example, is it an employee who violated a nondisclosure agreement?

Please send your submission package to GPC via one of the following:

Email: info @

Fax: 845.368.8770

General Patent Corporation
Montebello Park
75 Montebello Rd.
Suffern, NY 10901-3740
ATTN: Director of Licensing

Or if you wish, give us a call at 845.368.4000 to discuss your situation before submitting materials.