Psion battles Intel, Dell over "Netbook" trademark

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Intel and Dell are in a trademark battle with Psion over Psion's trademark on the term "netbook," which Psion trademarked for use with a line of notebook computers that were last sold in 2003. Intel and Dell argue that Psion has lost its trademark through years of disuse and that in the interim, the public has adopted the term "netbook" as a generic term to describe "extensions of the notebook category, smaller computers purpose-built for mobile Internet access."

In late 2008, Psion sent out "cease and desist" letters to several manufacturers of mini-notebooks. The letters didn't specify consequences for continued use of the term "netbook" but did suggest that such use would damage their trademark.

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I did not know so many companies were argueing over patent infringement. I guess I also figured Netbook or Notebook were generic terms, too.

Your blog is a wealth of information just as your newsletter suggests. I think it is fantastic that it is free, too.

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