February 2015

Trademarks and Chocolate

Submitted by patentadmin on Sat, 02/21/2015 - 19:25

Trademarks are always fascinating, and we love chocolate, so we had to share with you a trademark-chocolate story. When Hershey filed a lawsuit against LBB Imports, the importer of specialty products from Great Britain, Australia and South Africa, LBB decided to stop importing the brands that bear the “Cadbury” trademark, the trademark that Hershey has exclusive rights to in the U.S.

Trademarks and Noodles

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When Michelin three-star-rated chef Joshua Skenes announced that he was opening a new restaurant called “Fat Noodle”, the news was greeted warmly by noodle aficionados. The news was not greeted warmly, but hotly and contentiously, by Chubby Noodle that filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Fat Noodle claiming that two restaurants names are “confusingly similar.” The lawsuit went on to claim that Fat Noodle is “dilut[ing]” and “tarnish[ing] the image of the…Chubby Noodle mark.”

Trademarks and Beer

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Time was that you sat at the bar and ordered a beer. The proliferation of over 3,000 new local and specialty breweries over the past few years has created stiff competition to trademark the names of all the brews from all of these breweries.

Michael Shanahan Joins General Patent Corporation as Vice President & General Counsel

Shanahan Brings Wealth of Corporate and Law Firm IP Licensing
and Litigation Experience to General Patent

Suffern, N.Y. – February 10, 2015 − Michael E. Shanahan has joined General Patent Corporation (GPC), a leading patent monetization firm, as Vice President & General Counsel. In that position, he will manage the corporate legal department, responsible for all litigation activities at GPC.