God Is NOT Dead, but the Lawsuit Is

Submitted by patentadmin on Wed, 10/19/2016 - 21:52

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche made the controversial statement back in 1882 that "God is dead." Pure Flix Entertainment took a totally different approach with its 2014 independent film, “God’s Not Dead.” Based on the success of the film: Nietzsche 0, God 1.

Two screenwriters, Kelly Kullberg and Michael Landon Jr. (son of the Michael Landon from Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie and Highway to Heaven), filed a $100 million copyright infringement lawsuit against Pure Flix Entertainment claiming the movie production company ripped of a screenplay of theirs titled “Rise.” The judge overseeing the case threw out Kullberg and Landon’s claim on the basis that the plaintiffs failed to prove that the two scripts were substantially similar.

We have no comments on the case or the motives of any of the parties. And we think Michael Landon was a great guy. Most important, we firmly believe that there is a God.

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