Trying a Patent Infringement Lawsuit Yourself Is the Equivalent of Do-It-Yourself Brain Surgery

Submitted by patentadmin on Fri, 11/18/2016 - 23:36

Back in 2010, Aleksandr Yufa filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Rees Scientific claiming infringement of his portfolio of particle-measuring patents. He lost in U.S. District Court, and just lost his appeal. Worse yet, the Federal Circuit appointed a receiver to take title to Mr. Yufa’s patents to sell them to pay $166,365 in attorney’s fees charged to Mr. Yufa by the court for filing a “baseless” patent lawsuit.

The lesson here is one we have written about before in this space. If Mr. Yufa did not have a valid claim of infringement, he had no business in court. If he did, he should have found a responsible and reputable patent enforcement firm to manage and finance the litigation for him.

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