Google Gets Permanent Injunction in SEO Firm Trademark Lawsuit

Submitted by patentadmin on Fri, 07/22/2016 - 00:00

We guess everyone – or at least everyone who reads this blog – knows what “search engine optimization” is. If not, OK. It is a service that adds codes and links and other elements to a website to make it attractive to search engines. When you go to Google, and search for “patent enforcement,” it is not a coincidence that General Patent Corporation pops up at the top of the page.

Google just won a victory over a search engine optimization (SEO) firm that was using its logo at its website, and misleading potential clients into believing that the company had a relationship with Google. Local Lighthouse was ordered by a U.S. District Court judge to cease the use of the Google logo in any of its materials.

The fact is, no one has a relationship with Google. It is a nation and an island unto itself. That is, of course, unless you use Gmail, or an Android phone, or Google Maps, or the Google Web Store, or Google Docs, or Google Wallet, or Picasa, or Google Cloud Messaging. Or YouTube. Then Google knows every intimate detail of your life.

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