Pinnacle Drops Trademark Claim against Kraft Heinz

Submitted by patentadmin on Thu, 09/22/2016 - 19:50

Pinnacle Foods Group – which owns Birdseye frozen foods, Vlasic pickles and a few other brands – has dropped a lawsuit accusing food giant Kraft Heinz of purloining the “Satisfy Your Craving” slogan that Pinnacle uses for its Hungry-Man® frozen meals. Kraft Heinz was using the near identical “Satisfy Your Cravings” slogan to help launch its Devour (good name!) brand of frozen meals.

Pinnacle had a very good claim. We are not attorneys, and we do not dispense legal advice in this column, but Pinnacle owns the U.S. Trademark “Satisfy Your Craving®.” It is U.S. Trademark Registration 3971679 and it was granted back in 2011. We can only assume that Kraft Heinz knew they were in the wrong, and they quickly stopped using the similar slogan. The latest ads for Devour frozen entrees use the tag line “Ready. Set. Devour.” Not bad.

Hungry-Man and Satisfy Your Craving are registered trademarks of Pinnacle Foods Group LLC.

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