Michael Jordan: The $10 Million Man?

Submitted by patentadmin on Thu, 08/20/2015 - 19:05

We assume that most readers of our missives are old enough to remember the “Six Million Dollar Man,” a popular ABC-TV series from the 1970s starring Lee Major. According to the premise behind the storyline, an unnamed federal agency had spent $6 million creating a semi-human, semi-robotic super hunk.

Picking up on that theme, Michael Jordan claims that he is worth at least $10 million. Testifying in a publicity rights lawsuit, Jordan told jurors that he would never have given Dominick's Finer Foods, the defendant in the lawsuit, permission to use his likeness in a Sports Illustrated ad, the issue that is the crux of the lawsuit.

David Falk, Jordan’s long-time agent since he played for the Chicago Bulls, testified that Jordan has been worth $10 million since at least 1991, and the defendant cannot “just chip off pieces of his image in hopes of buying it for less.”

We have two questions: Knowing that a Chicago jury would decide Michael Jordan’s value, did the attorneys for the defendant ask for a change venue? And whatever happened to Lee Majors?

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